Micro Reels


Nowadays to be considered for castings it’s an unwritten rule that you need a showreel.  Something that shows the casting director you can act so they know they won’t make a fool of themselves by calling you in. 

Most reel companies will charge upwards of 300 pounds a scene. Most casting directors would insist on a selection of 3 different scenes which would leave you with a bill of £900 upwards. This is a pretty good reason not to get a reel made and hope to get cast in short films.  But if you get a short film, several short films, the material can take months, sometimes longer, to arrive and then you can find the edit doesn’t favour you or your best bits have all been cut! The answer to getting a good inexpensive reel is Micro Reel. 

A micro reel is a no frills, low budget, high quality reel.  It won’t look cheap but it will be cheap and professionally made, slick and  solid and show off your  full acting range.  We film you in 3 quick fire entertaining 30 second scenes, showing 3 different emotional states, the key moments from what would be much longer scenes. Sadly, short visual demos of your ability to hit emotions is what casting directors now want to see, states not arcs, but we’re in the business of giving them what they want so you get what you want - castings!

To keep Micro Reels affordable we ask certain things of you…

You come prepared, rehearsed and with an acting partner ready to deliver your scene, the shoot is not the time to rehearse. 

You choose your scene well in advance and provide us with a copy so we can plan the shots ahead. 

You take away a master file of the reel and make your own DVDs or format the file yourself for CCP etc.  although these kinds of services can be provided at an additional cost if you want.  

To keep Micro Reels useful we ask certain things of ourselves…

That the finished product is close to 2 minutes in length, that the titles are simple but effective and your contact details are included. 

That we maintain high technical standards and any technical errors are fixed by us at our own cost, reshooting if necessary without hesitation.

And how much does this service all cost? Just £325 for the entire reel.  Now no-one has an excuse not to have a showreel. 

To book a reel or discuss requirements email nick@microreels.com or call 07746921436


Quality showreels, delivered quickly at an affordable price